Freeman-McFarlin Pottery pieces were made in realistic colors when at their El Monte, CA factory, and later on at the San Marcos factory (which was bought by Hagen-Renaker)), the pieces were run in mostly white gloss, 24 carat gold (over a terra cotta colored slip) and a stone or woodgrain type brown glaze. Many of the molds were left behind at the San Marcos factory when H-R took over, and were run as H-R pieces, some having both labels on them. Many molds were incised on the bottom with "Anthony", the sculptor's name. These are the very sytlized pieces made for the most part.

Girl and Horse

Walking Horse

Mare and Foal

The Mounted Indian piece is HUGE!

Bald Eagle as well is large, nearly life sized.

Rolling Foal in brown (I've not seen another of this mold in any color, so may be very hard to find)

Large brown bunnies

Loving Cats in white

Small gold unicorn. This is stickered from the George Good distributor, but is a F-McF design. Many of the old molds ended up being run this way, unknown if authorized or not.

Chipmunk gold


Deer fawns gold

Deer Fawns in white and oddity color cream glazed

Duck pair in gold

Elephant in gold

Marketed and marked as Hagen-Renaker as well as Freeman-McFarlin

Falcon in white

Mr. & Mrs. Fox in gold

Mr. & Mrs. Fox in white

Hairy textured puppies in gold

Hairy puppy in white

Hoot & Toot in white

Kittens in black and white

Kitten in white

Loving Cats in white

Loving Kitten in white

Lying matte finish stylized cat

Gold Kittens

Playing Kittens

Flower power kitten

Mr. & Mrs. Mouse in gold

Owl in gold

Peacock in gold & white

Pegasus foals in white

Large Persians in white

Pigeon in gold

Pigs in white

Puppy with shoe in gold and white

Quail in gold

Roadrunner in neon yellow

Matte finish Siamese pair

Satin finish Siamese pair

Smaller set Siamese in satin glaze

Sitting Kitten gold

Big head puppies in gold

Unicorn lying in gold

Unicorn foals in white

Unicorn foals, odd glaze.. red terra cotta slip with white overglaze

Unicorn heads

Walking roughcoated kitten in gold

Washing cat in gold and white

Cocker Spaniel in original packaging, El Monte era


A "Nodder" is a 2-piece figure, consisting of a head and body. The head sits on a twisted neck and can position the head any direction, making any type of expression for the piece. Typically, the heads are all the same, the body style changes.

Black and white cat Nodders

Siamese Nodders

Skunk Nodder

Coyote Nodder

Nodder cat anf coyote

Mice Nodders

Grey striped cat Nodders

Orange Stripped Nodder copy (thicker legged), marked Japan

Freeman-McFarlin Deer Family (about 6" tall)

Freeman-McFarlin donkey with bee on nose.

Pink bisque donkey with bee

Pink and purple porcelain bisque sitting Ferdinand Bulls

Ferdinand Bull and calf

*I think this pink bisque pig is F-McF...?

Pink porcelain bisque cat and dog

Purple bisque "Purple Cow" and pink bisque "Pink Elephant"